Nova, National Vision end agreement; AOA appealed for academic ‘autonomy’

October 4, 2018

AOA supports a high bar on optometric education that includes the preservation of independent, quality academic institutions and educational standards Read more >

AOA, State Associations and Members Continue Momentum In Effort to Stop FTC Proposal

October 4, 2018

AOA and state associations, working jointly to convince the FTC to withdraw its costly contact lens signed acknowledgment proposal, have received another boost on Capitol Hill. Read more >

Surgeon General spotlights opioid abuse, AOA offers doctors’ reference guide

October 3, 2018

AOA is committed to assisting federal agencies in the mobilization to fight America’s opioid abuse epidemic and support safe expansion of access to essential health care services. Read more >

Warm Welcome to our New MOA Members - September 2018

October 1, 2018

Warm Welcome to our New MOA Members: September 2018 Read more >

Tusculum denied optometry program by institutional accreditor, AOA spurs standards dialogue

September 27, 2018

AOA continues to advocate for high academic standards that will preserve the standard of excellence expected of optometry. Read more >

Helping aging Americans see the future

September 27, 2018

According to the CDC, by 2030 the number of blind and visually impaired people in the country will double. Doctors of optometry, examining and treating these patients, will be the providers who empower older Americans to maintain their independence. Read more >