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Solar eclipse one week away: Resources for safe viewing

On August 21, all eyes will be on the sky as many Americans have a front-row seat for "The Eclipse Across America." This phenomenon will be partially visible for more than 500 million people across North America, with a narrow, 70-mile wide swath from Oregon to South Carolina experiencing a total solar eclipse.

Millions will be watching the eclipse, but many aren't aware of the dangers of viewing an eclipse without eye protection. That's why we want to continue reinforcing the importance of eye care and educating the public on safe solar eclipse viewing through special-purpose filters that meet ISO 12312-2 certification.

Unfortunately, there have been reports of fake eclipse glasses that do not meet these safety standards being marketing to unsuspecting consumers. Become educated and help educate your community on the importance of safe solar eclipse viewing by downloading the joint AOA, American Astronomical Society (ASS) and NASA eclipse information sheet or access AOA's eclipse resource page for more information on safe viewing.

August 17, 2017