Member Profile - Roman Gerber, OD

February 21, 2022
February Member Spotlight

Where do you currently practice?
Wink Family Eye Care in St Louis Park, MN

Where are you from originally?
Born in St Petersburg, Russia and grew up in Plymouth, MN

What school did you graduate from (undergraduate and optometry)?
University of Wisconsin-Madison and Illinois College of Optometry

What are your hobbies?
According to my wife-election polling and covid studies

Tell us about your family and pets?
My wonderful wife, Sonia, and I have a sweet 2 year old boy named Ezra, and an adorable Havanese dog named Winnie.

Why do you choose to be a member of the Minnesota Optometric Association?
Many of the things I love doing in optometry, such as managing glaucoma, I am only able to perform because of the work of people who have come before me. I think it is important to continue moving forward and to protect our current scope of practice. The only way to really accomplish those goals is by being an active member of the MOA.

What do you like best about the profession of optometry?
I love my job! I think it provides a great work/life balance and opportunities to help so many people every day.

Describe your favorite memory from your optometric career.
I have done 6 international charity clinics, primarily through Onesight. When I was a student, I went to Honduras through SVOSH and there was an adult patient named Roman who was a -11.00 and had never worn glasses. I had refracted him and gave him his first pair of glasses. The smile on his face after putting on those frames is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

What fun fact would you like to share about yourselves that your colleagues may not know about you?
I love early 2000s hip hop.

Please list any articles you have written or lectures you have provided to educate others on eye care.
As a student, Tommy Elton and I presented on professionalism and social media at the Academy meeting.

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