Member Profile - Dr. Leah Colby

August 13, 2021
Member Spotlight August 2021

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Where do you currently practice?
Rogers and St. Michael

Where are you from originally?
Holmen, Wisconsin

What school did you graduate from (undergraduate and optometry)?
Concordia College, St. Paul and Pacific University

What are your hobbies?
Reading, gardening and cooking

Describe your local community involvement?
I've always told our staff that I don't pay your paycheck, our patients do. We are firm believers in giving back, so we sponsor a variety of school teams and events, and church and community fundraisers. I am a member of the ROADS Education Foundation which raises money for school scholarships and grants and recently co-founded the RISE Alliance which provides opportunities for our community in social justice.

Tell us about your family and pets?
I have two teenage boys who keep us busy with their involvement in sports! We have a golden retriever, Luna, who we think is one of the smartest dogs on the planet!

Why do you choose to be a member of the Minnesota Optometric Association?
I remember being shocked as a new grad when I learned our state reps dictate the care we can and can't provide to our patients. When you are busy running a private practice, there isn't enough time in the day to keep track of the legislative changes and battles that happen behind the scenes, and having the MOA to advocate on our behalf is critical. Additionally, this past year alone should be enough of an example for how critical a role the MOA plays in our professional lives. The webinars, emails, and accessibility of the MOA staff during COVID kept me sane and helped me make the best decisions for the future of our business.

What do you like best about the profession of optometry?
The patient relationships! Seeing generations of families and developing those connections makes my day!

Describe your favorite memory from your optometric career.
Not sure if there is just one. I would have to say that being a part of the health care team that helps save a life or save someone's vision is over the top rewarding.

What fun fact would you like to share about yourselves that your colleagues may not know about you?
I travelled around the US and London performing with a Christian musical drama group in college!

Please list any articles you have written or lectures you have provided to educate others on eye care.
Back in the day, I used to be a contributing writer for Optometric Management...

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