Member Profile - Joseph Allen, OD

May 3, 2024
May Member Spotlight

Where do you currently practice?
PineCone Vision Center

Where are you from originally?
Saint Cloud Minnesota

What school did you graduate from (undergraduate and optometry)?
Undergrad: Saint John's University / College of Saint Benedict's
Optometry: University of the Incarnate Word Rosenberg School of Optometry

What are your hobbies?
Making YouTube Videos, Fitness, Cooking, Playing Video Games

Tell us about your family and pets?
My family is originally from the Saint Cloud area. My brother still lives in St. Cloud with his wife and two daughters. My father retired to Pierz to live with my stepmother. My mother lives in Forest Lake with my stepfather.
I have no pets although I would love to adopt a dog or cat in the near future.
I have serval house plants.

Why do you choose to be a member of the Minnesota Optometric Association?
As an optometrist, I chose to be a member in the Minnesota Optometric Association (MOA) for several reasons. Firstly, the MOA provides crucial political representation, advocating for policies that support our profession and enhance patient care. Additionally, the association plays a key role in expanding and defending our scope of practice. Through its efforts, I am able to stay updated and competent in the latest advancements and practices, ensuring I can offer the best care to my patients. Finally, being part of the MOA allows me to contribute to shaping the future of optometry in Minnesota. It offers a platform to influence important decisions and initiatives that will define the direction of our field. I believe these aspects of the MOA empower me to be a better practitioner and advocate for our profession and the communities we serve.

What do you like best about the profession of optometry?
What I cherish most about the profession of optometry is the profound impact it has on people's lives. Eyesight is one of the most extraordinary gifts we possess, enabling us to connect with the world around us in vibrant and meaningful ways. Being able to contribute to someone's ability to see clearly is not just a matter of improving their vision—it's about enhancing their independence, safety, and quality of life. Every day, I have the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of my patients, helping them to experience the world more fully.
Describe your favorite memory from your optometric career.
My favorite memory in optometry is receiving the Media Advocacy Award from the American Optometric Association in 2021. This accolade holds special significance for me because it acknowledged my dedicated efforts to promote eye care through my YouTube channel and various social media platforms. I have been passionate about educating the public on the importance of regular eye examinations, the necessity of eye care, and the benefits of quality vision products. This award not only recognized my commitment to enhancing public awareness about eye health but also affirmed the impact of my work in reaching a broader audience to emphasize the vital role of optometry in overall health care.

What fun fact would you like to share about yourselves that your colleagues may not know about you?
I love to make costumes and go to the Renaissance Festival with friends.

Please list any articles you have written or lectures you have provided to educate others on eye care.
Trevino, R., Sponsel, W. E., Majcher, C. E., Allen, J., & Rabin, J. (2018). Association of Diopsys® Short-duration Transient Visual Evoked Potential Latency with Visual Field Progression in Chronic Glaucoma. Journal of Current Glaucoma Practice, 12(1), 29-35.

Non-Peer Reviewed Publications-

  • Allen, Joseph. “Get Familiar With Infectious Retinitis”, Modern Optometry. September 2019
  • Carolyn Machjer, OD, Andrew S. Gurwood, OD, F.A.A.O., Dipl., Joseph J. Allen, OD. “Imaging the Choroid? There’s an App for That.” Review of Optometry, June 2015.
  • Allen, Joseph. “Patients Do the Darndest Things …”, Eye Care Insiders, January 2024.
  • Allen, Joseph. “A Year of Growth and Gratitude”, Eye Care Insiders, December 2023.
  • Allen, Joseph. “Ryzumvi Rundown”, Eye Care Insiders, November 2023.

These are just a few of the many articles I have most of which can be found on

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