Member Profile - Erin Sinkoff, OD

November 19, 2021
Member Spotlight for November

Where do you currently practice?
Park Nicollet, Burnsville and St. Louis Park locations

Where are you from originally?
Madison, WI (but I’ve lived many places)

What school did you graduate from (undergraduate and optometry)?
Ferris State University and the Illinois College of Optometry

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy many outdoor activities such as rock climbing, tennis, soccer, kayaking, hiking and camping.

Describe your local community involvement?
I am very active with the Minnesota VOSH chapter. I recently served 3 years on the board. In February 2020 (we just beat the pandemic!) I planned my first trip to Panama. It was a bigger undertaking than I was expecting, but the trip was very successful and we were able to see over 1100 patients!

Tell us about your family and pets?
My boyfriend, Scott, is an ICU nurse. He is also very active and we enjoy spending time together outdoors.

Why do you choose to be a member of the Minnesota Optometric Association?
I feel it is important to do all we can to support and grow optometry. I am proud to be a member of the MOA which is continually fighting to expand and maintain our profession.

What do you like best about the profession of optometry?
Optometry has given me the unique opportunity to combine my love of math and science with my passion for helping people. I feel very fortunate I am able to go to work everyday and help improve people’s lives.

Describe your favorite memory from your optometric career.
I was once treating a young boy, around 8-10 years old, for anisometropic amblyopia with patching therapy. His vision had greatly improved after sometime and I told him he could stop patching. This boy was very thrilled with this news and this was the conversation then ensued: Boy: “Omg!!!! Somebody grab the beer!!!” His mother, looking mortified: “Umm, maybe root beer.” Boy: “I don’t care, anything fizzy.”

What fun fact would you like to share about yourselves that your colleagues may not know about you?
I am an avid bird watcher and bird photographer! Ask me to see some of my pictures sometime, I love sharing them.

Please list any articles you have written or lectures you have provided to educate others on eye care.
May 2020: ocular emergencies lecture to third year internal medicine MD residents at the Medical College of Wisconsin

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