Member Profile - Breann Forliti, OD

March 18, 2022
March Member Spotlight
MOA Member Spotlight March

Where do you currently practice?
Blaine Eye Clinic in Blaine, MN

Where are you from originally?
Cambridge, MN

What school did you graduate from (undergraduate and optometry)?
I got an undergraduate degree in business from St. Cloud State University and when I went back for my optometry school prerequisites I spread that out over 4 different schools so I could coordinate lab schedules (I was on a mission). I graduated from Southern California College of Optometry!

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy creating things. This is an umbrella answer that doesn't pin me down to any one thing, but I enjoy trying lots of different things.

Describe your local community involvement?
My husband and I are involved in our church in the Alpha program specifically. It is a program that is for all people in every stage of their faith. It is a weekly small group dinner, video, and discussion about the big foundational questions about faith. My husband helps coach our kids in sports and by default, I end up being team mom! At the clinic, we have created a campaign called 'See the Good'. This has been our platform to help shine a light on the good going on around us. It has been a long and tough couple of years for everyone and we want to help everyone continue to see the goodness in the world. Through this program, we take nominations from the public for people who do good work or for someone who might need to see the good or have been through tough times. We pick two people each quarter to recognize and treat to a free pair of eyewear of their choosing with red carpet service. We also have done "See the Good' drops leaving goody bags around the community for people to come across and recently had a drive-through teacher appreciation event where we gave out gift bags and coffee before school. It was a big success! Our staff has such a huge heart for others and really enjoys serving our community and seeing the difference we can make for others.

Tell us about your family and pets?
I am married to my high school sweetheart, Jesse. We celebrated our 20th anniversary this last fall. We have three children, Paul - 12, Nora - 9, and Soren - 5. They keep us super busy in the best ways. It is so fun watching your kids try new things and find things they enjoy and excel at. We added two kittens to our family in the last two years. Cats are very accommodating to our busy lifestyle and could care less if we go from school straight to baseball (in fact I'm certain they prefer it).

Why do you choose to be a member of the MOA?
I choose to be a member of the MOA for many reasons. I feel super lucky to practice Optometry today thanks in most part to the efforts of the MOA. I have seen exciting growth in our profession in my short 14 years of practice and I know that growth doesn't happen without advocates helping us along. I remember how eye-opening it was when I realized during optometry school that in some states optometrists couldn't even treat glaucoma. I remember thinking what a huge disservice to have these well-trained people unable to help. It is our duty to be of service to patients and being a part of the MOA we can continue working towards this. This can only be accomplished through teamwork and that is why my staff and I are members of the MOA.

What do you like best about the profession of optometry?
I love the relationships I can make with patients. I love caring for three generations of a family. I love making a positive impact on the daily lives of my patients. I love the diversity of my day.

Describe your favorite memory from your optometric career.
I am a second-generation optometrist. I went into practice with my dad, Dr. Lynn Sulerud. I have always admired my dad and the practice he built. Since his retirement, I have inherited many of his patients. I love seeing these patients as every visit starts with a 5-minute recap of all the reasons they love my dad and asking how he is. I feel super lucky for a near-daily reminder of the impact we can make. To the doctors of my dad's generation, thank you to those who set the bar of excellent care high, and I wish you could all know that daily in offices all around your patients are recalling your legacy of excellent care. My advice to current doctors is to think of the legacy you are creating and what your patients will share about you when you are handing your patients off to the next generation.

Please list any articles you have written or lectures you have provided to educate others on eye care.
I was asked to write an article for IDOC quarterly about our See the Good campaign. They were discussing innovative marketing ideas.

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