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2022 Webinars

Panel Discussion - Journey to Practice Ownership Webinar - November 14, 2022

Join us for an in-depth discussion with MOA President-Elect, Dr. Lauren Haverly and Dr. Zac Holland who will share their personal journey and motivation to becoming practice owners. We’ll discuss the hurdles, opportunities, benefits, and risks of becoming a practice owner in today’s marketplace.

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Risk Management - Protect Yourself and Your Practice- October 12, 2022

Presented by Mike Terrell of Cinncinati Insurance 

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2021 Webinars by Vision Advisors

Tax & Financial Issues for you and your Business - February 24th, 2021

Tax credit opportunities with the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)! Regulations have been passed that allow businesses to obtain the ERC even if they received a PPP Loan (Round 1) in 2020. If you were required to shutter your doors during 2020 or had a decline of revenue of at least 50% and you maintained payroll during this period, you may be eligible to claim a retroactive Employee Retention Credit, and the deadline for filing is now extended through the first two quarters of 2021.   Did you claim the credit? Do you think you may be eligible for the credit? Listen as we explain the details of this important federal legislation. Presented by Magen Koepp CPA and Thomas E Pesch CPA

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Buying, Selling, Starting and Thriving in Practice Ownership - April 28th, 2021

We look forward to discussing relevant, real-life content that is pertinent to you.  Topics we will explore include: 

  • Myths and truths of selling, starting or buying a practice
  • Effective strategies to deal with the increasingly burdensome credentialing/insurance process during transitions
  • Impacts of corporate/private equity consolidation
  • Economic and financial benefits of practice ownership
  • How practices are really valued and the qualifications necessary to purchase or start a practice 

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Opening the Doors to your Dream Clinic - June 3rd, 2021 

What's your plan for your lease renewal, relocation, expansion or your dream clinic?  Regardless of the type of project that may be in your future, there are many critical components to consider, from real estate and pre-construction to architectural design. Join our Vision Advisors specialists, Jon Helle, Roger Swagger and Bob Shaffer, for an interactive discussion around trends, opportunities and obstacles associated with a clinic's real estate, architectural design, and build that will help you minimize surprises and maximize results.

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Cyber Threats - Prevention Methods You Should Take Now - Aug. 24th

What would be the impact to your clinic if you had to close for two or more weeks due to a ransomware attack?  Healthcare providers are experiencing more cyberattacks resulting in lost productivity, damage to their professional reputation, and loss of credibility and patient trust.  Don't be an easy target.  Join us to learn how to keep your clinic functional, secure and compliant before and after a data breach.  

In this session, you will learn:·         

  • Current cyber threat landscape, trends and recent events·         
  • Top 5 security tips to better secure your practice·         
  • What to do if you are become a cyber security victim·         
  • Action steps to help your clinic become more secure 

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6 Sizzling Tax Saving Moves To Warm Your Holiday Season- Dec. 14th

The tax law is in constant motion, are you keeping up?  Are you able to take advantage of the new Minnesota Pass-Through Entity (PTE) Tax that allows qualified businesses to pay the state tax on their partnership or S corporation return? Have you had your Minnesota tax returns adjusted and if so, did the Minnesota Department of Revenue handle it correctly? Lastly, are you sure you handled your PPP loan correctly?  In this session, Tom Pesch and Sara Johnston of Olsen Thielen will present tried and true tax savings opportunities for you to consider before year end that may add to your holiday cheer. Topics to be discussed include reviewing payroll and payroll withholdings, maximizing deductions to lower your taxes, loading up your retirement plan deduction, and accelerating expenses or deferring income.

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