Public Vision Awareness Resources

The Public Vision Awareness Committee provides relevant and educational materials to our doctors to help educate their community. This committee with the help of MOA marketing will develop a minimum of 4 campaigns throughout the year. Ideas to cover include: Back to School, Glaucoma Awareness, Contact Lens Care, etc. This committee will also take responsibility for projects bringing awareness to the importance of eye health in MN.

Girl and Boy Scout Program - Vision Awareness Program

Help reinforce the importance of routine eye exams to not just children but parents, caregivers and scout leaders. 

  • Unique community outreach opportunity
  •  1000s of boys and girls participate in scouting across our state; invite them to visit your office!
  •  Activities for the patch are fun, educa-tional, and you get to invite the community to your office
  •  MN Optometric Association is making materials and suggested activities available to you and your staff to reach out to scouts, their leaders and other volunteers to introduce the program

Flier for the scouts program here.

Questions? For more information please contact Megan Sis, OD at:

Do you see InfantSEE Exams?

Above for use by our members - is a video with Dr. Mary Gregory, OD who explains how to do an InfantSEE Assessment. A great way to get kids started with regular exams. If you would like a copy of the video please contact us at and we would be happy to provide you one.

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