SUN: Protect, Prescribe, Present

Sun Initiative

The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays pose a significant risk not just to your skin but also to your vision. That's right. No matter the season, solar radiation can harm your eyes, and other components of those UV rays can lead to serious eye health and vision problems. Despite these health risks and warnings, only 40 percent of Americans cite protection from sun damage as their main reason for wearing sunglasses, according to the American Optometric Association's (AOA) 2013 American Eye-Q® Survey. Less than three in 10 (28%) say UV protection is critical when purchasing sunglasses.

An optometrist can help you find the right style and materials to meet your needs and lifestyle. And certainly schedule visits at least every two years for a comprehensive eye exam. Such visits are a good investment to monitor your eye health, maintain good vision, track UV protection needs and learn the latest advances in eye protection.

You can enjoy the great outdoors no matter the season or location. Just remember that sunglasses offer a simple solution to protect your vision from the harmful rays of the sun.