An Evening with Vision Advisors - Buying, Selling, Starting and Thriving in Practice Ownership

April 28

Virtual Event

Join Vision Advisors for an interactive discussion around trends, opportunities, and obstacles to entering into or exiting from a practice.  Vision Advisors is a collective group of optometry-specific professionals that have decades of experience in this arena.  This discussion will be an open-forum presentation where we encourage questions and other discussion topics to be submitted beforehand and during the webinar.  The webinar will be held on Wednesday, April 28th at 7:00 p.m.   To register for the webinar go to: REGISTER HERE
We look forward to discussing relevant, real-life content that is pertinent to you.  Topics we will explore include: 

  • Myths and truths of selling, starting or buying a practice
  • Effective strategies to deal with the increasingly burdensome credentialing/insurance process during transitions
  • Impacts of corporate/private equity consolidation
  • Economic and financial benefits of practice ownership
  • How practices are really valued and the qualifications necessary to purchase or start a practice 

Please submit your questions for our panelists to Beth Coleman at
Featured Vision Advisors Panelists
Randy Krivo |Broker | Sunbelt Business Brokers
Randy has participated in over 50 optometry transitions in Minnesota.
Lynn Baldus | Attorney |Larkin Hoffman
Lynn has represented optometrists in all phases of their career, whether associates, practice buyers or those looking to sell.
Rob Borcherding |Business Development Manager |Wells Fargo Practice Finance
Rob supports and guides optometrists to successfully start, acquire, buy in to and grow their private practices.


Name: Beth Coleman