Annual Awards

Optometrist of the Year

The Minnesota Optometric Association Optometrist of the Year Award recognizes the deserving individual doctor of optometry for performance of outstanding services on behalf of the profession and to the visual welfare of the public. 

Current Optometrist of the Year - Sam Villella, OD

Sam Villella

Past Optometrists of the Year

Young Optometrist of the Year

The Minnesota Optometric Association Young Optometrists (defined as those who have been in active practice 10 years or less, including residency or fellowship) recognizes those ODs in their first decade of practice who show leadership skills when serving their profession, their patients, and their community.

Current Young Optometrist of the Year -   Yuki Oda, OD

Yuki ODa

Past Young ODs of the Year

Distinguished O.D. of the Year

The Minnesota Optometric Association Distinguished Service Award recognizes an individual doctor of optometry who has distinguished themselves within the profession for unusually significant contributions and outstanding achievements contributing to the advancement of the profession of optometry. It recognizes long-term dedication rather than any single contribution.

Current Distinguished Service Award - Marlane Brown, O.D.

Marlane Brown

Past Distinguished ODs of the Year

Paraoptometric of the Year

This award recognizes a deserving individual paraoptometric who has made outstanding contributions to the profession of optometry, patients and the public.

Current Paraoptometric of the Year - Non awarded this year

Past Paraoptometrics of the Year

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