Committee Chairs

Education Committee –Dr. Paul Hammond, O.D. and Dr. Trevor Fosso, O.D.

This committee is responsible for setting the speakers and courses at the MOA Annual and Fall Education Meetings.

Children’s Committee - Chair – Dr. Megan Sis, O.D. and Dr. Jessica Schara, O.D.

This committee works on the issues promoting Infantsee, exams for children prior to entering school and other areas related to the promotion of eye exams and eye health for children.

Legislative Committee – Chairs – Dr. Roman Gerber, O.D. and Dr. Joseph Allen, O.D.

This committee helps support and work with grassroots efforts to support and promote the MOA legislative program.

Networking Optometric Women (N.O.W.) – Chairs – Dr. Amanda Thurmes, O.D. and Dr. Lauren Soukup, O.D.

This is a networking group of female member and non-member O.D.’s. They meet about every two months and they change their meetings each time. They have social events, community service and education events. Great way to meet and network with other female O.D.’s in Minnesota.

Third Party Committee – Chairs – Dr. Mark Hennen, O.D. and Dr. Josh Hanen, O.D., J.D.

This committee works with the Insurance companies on a regular basis to discuss how we can work together to insure that our members are compensated properly and not discriminated against.

Young O.D. Membership group – Chairs - Dr. Teresa Slepicka, O.D. and Dr. Miranda Lepinski, O.D.

This is a group of Young O.D.’s that get together regularly to network, talk about issues they are dealing with as OD’s in Minnesota. This group works to assist them in networking with leadership in the MOA while also educating them on issues of importance to them as they practice in Minnesota.