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VSP policy change may violate states’ patient protection laws

July 30, 2020

VSP reimbursement changes, which take effect Sept. 1, may run counter to states’ laws as the AOA and affiliates challenge policies that could negatively affect patient care. Read More >

AFOS celebrates five decades of delivering eye care through federal services

July 30, 2020

Its first organized meeting attracted 34 attendees; today, its membership is about 985. Read More >

Aug. 5 deadline to apply for grants for community eye health and vision care projects

July 30, 2020

Healthy Eyes Healthy Children grants spread awareness and increase comprehensive vision services. Read More >

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The MOA/AOA is the acknowledged leader and recognized authority for eye and vision care in the world. The MOA/AOA are the ONLY organizations that work to protect and promote your profession in Minnesota and in Washington.

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Donate to the MN Optometry PAC now!

Please consider donating to the Minnesota Optometry PAC, so we can make a difference!

Because relationships matter! Every year Minnesota's elected officials consider and pass countless pieces of legislation that directly and indirectly affect the profession of optometry in Minnesota and your ability to provide care for your patients.

Because elections matter! As a group, you can have impact by helping to elect primary eye care-friendly candidates at the state level. A PAC allows a community of like-minded individuals to amplify their voice- individually, doctors may not have the time and resources to affect candidate elections.

Anyone who cares about the optometric profession can give to Optometry PAC, and there is no maximum to what you can contribute. However, contributions are not tax deductible and corporate contributions are not allowed.

Please Note: You must use a personal credit card to make a donation.

COVID-19 Task Force Resources

Best Practices Plan for Optometry

            Find Plan here

Resources for O.D.'s during the COVID-19 Crisis

Follow the link below to find a number of links to a variety of information that can hopefully help you during this current health care crisis.  They are both state and federal links and you can go back to them when needed as they are kept up to date as information changes.

            Find Information Here

Webinar on the Pathway Foward for Optometry Recording

Find the link to the recording of our first webinar put on by the MOA COVID-19 Task Force below.

             Find Webinar Here 

            Q & A from Zoom on 5/4/2020 - Updated with full responses.

Calendar of Events

MOA 2020 Fall Meeting

October 2, 2020

JW Marriott Mall of AmericaRead more >

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